Cloud-based intake, assessment and client management tools

Easily maintain and track any data activity using a highly customizable tool kit tailored to fit any agency’s needs.

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Intake and Assessments

eLogic Genesis takes a streamlined and accountable approach to client intake and assessment with the goal of collecting accurate and relevant client data that supports the administration and delivery of services. Our assessments of well-being and social determinants of health can be customized to meet internal management needs, support required reporting, and provide data to measure family, community, and agency outcomes/impact.

Client Portal

eLogic Genesis makes it easy to contact and stay in touch for both clients and staff alike. Our client portal supports real-time interactive communication between clients and staff and enables clients to be more actively involved in their case management by self-monitoring activity and progress along with the support of agency staff. Whether it is a prescreen, to determine eligibility, apply for a program or service, schedule an appointment, follow-up, send a direct message, or do other tasks, eLogic is the interactive online platform that supports organizations in today’s virtual world.

Image of US Dollar Bill banknote
Image of US Dollar Bill banknote

Funding Streams

Can you easily associate your program and service expenditures back to your funders? The Funding Streams feature links program-specific funding streams to agency-provided client services, calculates balances, and filters by the agency’s clients. This real-time accountability and transparency functionality supports funder compliance requirements as well as effective program management within your organization.

Roles and Permissions

Want to customize your caseworkers’ access to features in eLogic Genesis to improve productivity, assure privacy and confidentiality, and develop work processes? The Roles and Permissions functionality can be used to link any agency staff (i.e., Caseworker, Employment Specialist, Receptionist, Intake Specialist, Program Manager) with a specific feature in Genesis. For example, an administrator can have access to all features but a front desk person may only have access to intake or specific fields/tabs within the software. Granting or revoking Permissions is as easy as selecting or deselecting the corresponding Permission’s checkbox.

Diagram displaying third party connections on eLogic Genesis

Backend Connections and API

Frustrated with data silos and duplicated client records? eLogic Genesis features an API that streamlines the development of connections to third-party systems. This enables third-party vendors to directly integrate with eLogic Genesis with no additional development required on the eLogic side. Established connections can transfer data back and forth between systems at will, and can be used to create universal intake systems and meta platform integrations.

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Referral Networks

Need a communitywide referral system that identifies local resources, eligibility, location, available transportation, and other pertinent information? eLogic Genesis is more than a 211 system! Intake and assessment information can be shared across the network of participating agencies, with formal interagency agreements, to protect the sharing of information and assure confidentiality and privacy of client and agency data. And we can help create those agreements. Utilizing our state-of-the-art referral network, agencies can better identify client needs, assist clients and agency staff in finding local resources, support client/case management across the network, and reduce duplication of services.

Eligibility Calculator

Determining eligibility for services is often a cumbersome time-consuming task that can be more difficult when administering multiple funding streams and programs. Our universal Eligibility Calculator is the single source for all programs and services administered by your agency. Once income and other eligibility data are entered, it calculates and determines eligibility for all your programs and services; a simple one-stop process.

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Reporting and Analytics

We make viewing, interpreting, analyzing, and reporting your data easier! eLogic Genesis offers a library of tested and reliable reports that are also customizable for agency and program-specific reporting. Data display and format are essential to utilization, telling your agency’s story, submitting grant applications, and training and education. We offer Google’s Looker platform, a powerful data analytics tool that displays your agency’s data in real-time using easy-to-understand and eye-catching visualizations.

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