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We endeavor to create and provide innovative management tools, technology, training, and evidence-based practices.

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eLogic Genesis Case Manager is our powerful client management solution which features customizable and robust intake capabilities as well as expansive reporting functionality. Analysis and evaluation are made simple by utilizing our built-in report visualization interface to help you tell your agency’s data story.

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Good software is essential to good management. eLogic Genesis is a Person Centered-Data Driven application with the tools to support evidence-based practices, accountability, and results. Organizational success is predicated on strong leadership, caring, committed, and trained staff, and the ability to demonstrate positive impact for clients and their communities.

Onsite and online consulting and training is available to meet the specific administrative, management, planning, analytical/evaluative, and reporting needs of your agency.

Consulting/Organizational Development

  • Person Centered-Data Driven: An Organizational Framework for the Delivery of Health and Human Services

    A 21 Step Service Delivery Model for all agency managers, supervisors and front-line practitioners available in both classroom and online format.

  • ROMA-Results-Oriented Management and Accountability

    A performance-based management and staff training program that incorporates the use of outcomes/results into the management, operation and evaluation of health and human services.

  • Fundamentals of Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting

    The basics of data collection and analysis that turns raw data into useful information and its application for the ongoing management of the organization.

  • Fundamentals of Needs Assessments and Planning

    The basics of conducting Community Needs Assessments (CNA), and organizational planning.

  • HIPAA/Software Policy Development and Consulting
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eLogic Genesis and The Center for Applied Management Practices are invested in providing holistic and individualized training for current and future customers. We enjoy taking the time to get to know your specific training needs and formulating a training package that exceeds the goals and outcomes you identify. Whether you prefer to be as self-reliant as possible or plan to lean heavily on our expertise, eLogic Genesis is ready to provide that custom support to you and your team. Our training response team is ready to receive your request!

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Web Design and Site Hosting Packages

One design/template
Max # of pages
Online contact form
Easy-to-use admin system
Genesis Portal
Fully mobile-optimized
Custom Feature Development
Search Engine Optimization SEO)**
Support Package***
Website Hosting
Starter Package
2 hours of updates included. $200/year after the first 12 months.
$4,000 – $5,000
Advanced Package
Choose one template or up to 3 rounds of custom user interface designs
6 hours of updates included annually. $450/year after the first 12 months.
Dependant on project size
$20,000 – $25,000
Costs may vary depending on review of spec *Up to 3 rounds is based on original time estimates, exclusions could apply **As there is no way to guarantee web traffic or flow based on search results, we cannot provide a guarantee on the efficacy of our SEO products. ***Additional support and updates can be purchased in blocks of 5 hours for $400 or individually at $125/hour.