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We endeavour to create and provide innovative management tools, technology, training and evidence based practices.

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The eLogic Genesis Suite of software solutions is constantly being improved upon, so we are always listening to suggestions for feature enhancements. For larger projects, we offer custom, integrated development of features and new modules designed with your organization to best suit your needs.

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eLogic Genesis Case Manager is our powerful client management solution which features customizable and robust intake capabilities as well as expansive reporting functionality. Analysis and evaluation are made simple by utilizing our built-in report visualization interface to help you tell your agency’s data story.

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Good software is essential to good management. eLogic Genesis is a Person Centered-Data Driven application with the tools to support evidence-based practices, accountability and results. Organizational success is predicated on strong leadership, caring, committed and trained staff and the ability to demonstrate positive impact for clients and their communities.

Onsite and online consulting and training is available to meet the specific administrative, management, planning, analytical/evaluative and reporting needs of your agency.

Agency/Organizational Development

  • Person Centered-Data Driven: An Organizational Framework for the Delivery of Health and Human Services

    A 21 Step Service Delivery Model for all agency managers, supervisors and front-line practitioners available in both classroom and online format.

  • ROMA-Results-Oriented Management and Accountability

    A performance-based management and staff training program that incorporates the use of outcomes/results into the management, operation and evaluation of health and human services.

  • Fundamentals of Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting

    The basics of data collection and analysis that turns raw data into useful information and its application for the ongoing management of the organization.

  • Fundamentals of Needs Assessments and Planning

    The basics of conducting Community Needs Assessments (CNA), and organizational planning.

  • HIPAA/Software Policy Development and Consulting
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Training Packages

Custom Course Development and Training

eLogic Genesis is a complete system. Given its flexibility, capability and ease of use, eLogic Genesis can be customized to accommodate new programs, changes in work procedures and other changes in functionality at the request of agency. To ensure that agency staff learn about and acquire the skills for maximizing the use of any new features, customized course development and training is available.
Please note that management and organizational training for agency staff and boards is available from The Center for Applied Management Practices (CAMP) at separate pricing.

$100/hour More Visit CAMP

On-site/In-person Training

This is technical training for using eLogic Genesis beyond the initial orientation and training package. It can be scheduled for new users, affiliate agencies and other interested parties. (Travel costs are in addition to the hourly fee).

$100/hour More

Webinar Training

Online eLogic Genesis User Training can be provided to participants at single or multiple locations. This is in addition to the basic training provided for first time users.

$75/hour More

Administrative System Manager Training

eLogic Genesis is a tool-based system. It includes many features and functionality that were once exclusive to the software developers but now can be accessed by specialized training for system administrators. Customized reporting and data display, modifying screens and data fields, and setting permissions that establish different levels of access and security while maintaining HIPAA compliance are just a few of the features available in Genesis with additional training.
*Please note that basic training and support is covered under our user license*

$75/hour More

eLogic Genesis and the Integrated Learning Connection

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning is accomplished by supporting learners over an extended period of time with multiple touch points and learning styles to provide the most impactful and effective learning opportunity. Partnering with the Leadership Academy, eLogic Genesis utilizes live trainings blended with technology, online classes, videos, and coaching to enhance the participant’s experience so they can better retain and implement what they have learned in their job and personal life.

Integrated Learning System

An Integrated Learning System is developed by working across multiple agencies or programs to develop training that is researched, aligned with missions, intentional, and efficient, effective and measurable. The system might include a wide range of training programs that are all built as Integrated Learning Programs.

Integrated Learning Program

An Integrated Learning Program is a more narrowly targeted program to be implemented within a system. A program is typically made up of several courses, modules and events.

  • A Course references a single unit of training. For instance, Bootstraps Asset Building Education is an 8-hour course.
  • A Module is either a micro learning or a piece of a Course that can be broken out on its own.
  • An event would be a live forum, webinar, or broadcast.

How does eLogic Genesis utilize Integrated Learning?

eLogic Genesis uses Integrated Learning to develop training material and support our online learning platform. Utilizing Integrated Learning, eLogic Genesis is able to effectively track the impact of our training curriculum using outcomes and social determinants and directly relating the impact of trainings to the positive impact on their clientele.

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Web Design and Site Hosting Packages

One design/template
Max # of pages
Online contact form
Easy-to-use admin system
Genesis Portal
Fully mobile-optimized
Custom Feature Development
Search Engine Optimization SEO)**
Support Package***
Website Hosting
Starter Package
2 hours of updates included. $200/year after the first 12 months.
$4,000 – $5,000
Advanced Package
Choose one template or up to 3 rounds of custom user interface designs
6 hours of updates included annually. $450/year after the first 12 months.
Dependant on project size
$20,000 – $25,000
Costs may vary depending on review of spec *Up to 3 rounds is based on original time estimates, exclusions could apply **As there is no way to guarantee web traffic or flow based on search results, we cannot provide a guarantee on the efficacy of our SEO products. ***Additional support and updates can be purchased in blocks of 5 hours for $400 or individually at $125/hour.