Our Mission

To develop and implement simple, cost effective software solutions and provide services that strengthen the accountability and performance of non-profit and government organizations engaged in the delivery of health and human services.

Our Vision

Provide the best software and management tools to support the work of organizations helping people in need.

In the beginning there was CAMP. Founded in 1998 as The Center for Applied Management Practices, Inc. or CAMP, the roots of eLogic Genesis were built upon supporting CAMP’s original mission of policy development, strategic planning, evaluation, research, training, and curriculum development for all levels of government and nonprofit agencies engaged in the delivery of health and human services. Recognizing that the application of simple, smart, and effective technology could better support the delivery of health and human services programs, the first prototypes of the software were built on Excel and Access platforms and called the eLogic Model® Manager. Harnessing years of innovation and continued improvement, we are proud to offer our latest software solution, eLogic Genesis.

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We work with and learn from our partner agencies to improve service delivery and impact. Our experienced staff and solutions specialists have backgrounds that range from case managers to executive directors, from coders to developers, and from researchers and evaluators to trainers. The combination of these skills sets, expertise and experience shaped who we are as an organization, how we develop software, and work with our partner agencies.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Adam Ferguson

Adam Chief Technical Officer

Passions: The Philadelphia Eagles, good food, and putting out fires.

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Adam has over 15 years of software development experience in corporate, education, and small-shop environments. He has been the technology lead at eLogic for the past five years.

Sheila Lucas

Sheila Administrative Officer

Passions: During her off hours, Sheila enjoys challenging people to 8 Ball and spending time away from screens.

Born and raised in Colorado, Sheila Lucas joined eLogic in 2018 and has excelled at melding together the technical side of the company with a warm user experience.

Sheila is eLogic’s Administrative Officer and is also one of the leads for customer relations and inquiries, handling questions and comments on all aspects of Genesis, and is always happy to meet the needs and challenges of providing the best possible service to eLogic’s ever-growing customer base. Sheila is also a nationally certified American Sign Language/English Interpreter who has served the D/deaf and hard of hearing communities for over a decade.

Ben Richmond

Benjamin Vice-President

Passions: Long walks in the Colorado mountains, warm coffee, writing, painting, comic books, & Jazzercise.

Originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Ben Richmond joined eLogic back in 2008, and is the Vice President of both The Center for Applied Management Practices and eLogic Genesis. Ben has daily operational responsibilities and is one of the principle eLogic Genesis Software Architects and curriculum developers of CAMP’s unique Integrated Learning Platforms in affiliation with the Colorado based Financial Health Institute.

Marq Agboyani

Marq Chief Solutions Specialist

Passions: You can find Marq outside enjoying Colorado’s Rocky Mountains or spending time with his family. He is also a Pickleball aficionado.

As the Chief Solutions Officer for all eLogic products for the past five years, Marq builds and maintains the processes that we embody and practice as an organization. Marq is a former case manager and IT director who brings his unique combination of skills to the eLogic Genesis team and to our partner organizations.

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